Strikingly wicked

DemonDog strives to make durable and attractive watches with tried and trusted mechanics and materials. Your watch should tell who you are.


DemonDog watches are durable. If you are not into 'Winder case queens', this brand is for you.

  • Water resistant to 10ATM
  • Stainless steel casing and straps
  • Tried and tested movement


Ruggedly handsome looks. Most women like battle scars.

  • Automatic
  • Glass back showing movement
  • Uncluttered dial
  • Quality lume
  • Innovative

    We have a few technological ideas that we would like to incorporate in neweer models.


    • THe "Wulfstan" model would most likely be a limited run of 275 watches
    • Accompanzing your purchased "Wulfstan" watch, would be a signed pamphlet with the serial number
    • The serial number would also be engraved at the back of the watch
    • Your purchased watch would have a guarantee of 1 year

    "Wulstan" would be available for order most likely 2 or 3 months after the Kickstarter campaign finishes successfully